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At our college reunion, this transformed a room of adults back into giggling dorm mates, battling it out on Street Fighter just like the old days. - Mark S, USA

Kids Christmas Tree Set

Kids Christmas Tree Set

⦿ Plug & Play Simplicity

⦿ Stunning 4K Resolution

⦿ Cost-Effective Nostalgia

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Say Goodbye to Broken Ornaments!
Only a few weeks till Christmas! Want to keep your toddlers away from the real Christmas Tree this year? Give your little ones their very own tree to play and watch their eyes light up with joy!
Keeping them away from the real tree where they can get hurt.  It is a fun, safe, and engaging way to keep your little ones occupied this holiday season.
Kids DIY Felt Christmas Tree Christmas Decoration For Home
"Great product! My two year old enjoys taking the “ornaments” off and having my ten year old put them back on. I love that there is a variety of ornaments and you can basically hang it anywhere! This tree would be perfect for somebody without much space or somebody that just doesn't have the time or energy to put up a real tree and decorate!" - Lisa G
Kid-Friendly Design
Soft, high-quality felt materials make this tree and its ornaments safe for children aged 18 months and above. Your kids can freely explore their creativity without the hazards of glass or plastic ornaments.
The Perfect Distraction 
Our brilliant toddler-friendly tree will distract your little ones from playing with the real tree while letting them get creative and not feel left out. Watch them smile with joy giving them a sense of ownership.
Child-Parent Bonding
Spend time bonding with your little one decorating the tree together. It makes the perfect "early" Christmas gift for them to enjoy. Also makes a great gift idea for children aged 2-10 years old.
Premium Quality
Unlike others, this tree is made from premium thick felt material with Velcro ornaments. It's durable, doesn't take up much space, is easy to store away, and can be used again every year.
Space-Saving and Convenient
Ideal for smaller homes, and classrooms, or as a wonderful addition to your existing holiday decor. It's wall-mountable and easy to store away for next year.

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