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At our college reunion, this transformed a room of adults back into giggling dorm mates, battling it out on Street Fighter just like the old days. - Mark S, USA

Halloween Double-layer Ripped Mask

Halloween Double-layer Ripped Mask

⦿ Plug & Play Simplicity

⦿ Stunning 4K Resolution

⦿ Cost-Effective Nostalgia

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Are you ready to take your Halloween costume to the next level?

This is the perfect accessory to make heads turn and hearts race. With its realistic design and innovative moving feature, this mask is guaranteed to be most terrifying look at any Halloween party.

Seamlessly extending beneath the neck

This mask flawlessly integrates with any outfit, ensuring you maintain a completely immersive and terrifying appearance—no awkward gaps or exposed areas to break the illusion!

Magnets for effortlessly detachable and reattachable faceplate 

Featuring 14 ingeniously embedded magnets (7 on each side of the mask). This allows for unparalleled convenience and adaptability, letting you switch up your scare tactics on the fly without missing a beat

Incredibility Realistic

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the mask employs high-grade latex and state-of-the-art 3D printing technology. The result? An astonishingly realistic masterpiece where even the muscle fibers are vividly discernible. It's not just a mask; it's a cinematic-quality experience that brings the undead to life—rivalling even the most terrifying movie zombies in sheer realism!
Dare to Scare - Embrace the Terror, Elevate the Fright. This mask Isn’t Just a Costume; It’s an Experience. Order Yours Now and Own the Night!
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Affordable Nostalgia at its Finest

Instead of chasing after multiple old consoles or hunting down rare cartridges, you have a singular, compact device offering thousands of classics.

RetroStick captures the essence of vintage gaming without burning a hole in your pocket.

Rediscover the Essence of Classic Gaming

Gaming today is undoubtedly advanced, but there's a certain charm and simplicity in the classics that modern titles often miss.

With RetroStick, you're not just getting a piece of hardware; you're obtaining a time capsule.

Dive deep into a curated collection of over 10,000 titles and experience the raw, unfiltered joy of gaming hat sparked entire generations' imaginations.

Connect and Share Across Generations

With two wireless controllers, the RetroStick isn't just for solo trips down memory lane.

It's an opportunity to share stories, introduce classic titles to the younger generation, or simply have a friendly duel with a loved one.

It's more than gaming; it's a bridge between generations, a way to bond and relive shared memories or create new ones.

Designed by gamers for gamers

RetroStick has gone through 4 prototypes and has raised over $200k through crowdfunding from our backers in the last 3 years, all while taking feedback from our community and improving the RetroStick.