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At our college reunion, this transformed a room of adults back into giggling dorm mates, battling it out on Street Fighter just like the old days. - Mark S, USA

Aense™ - BBL Shorts

Aense™ - BBL Shorts

⦿ Plug & Play Simplicity

⦿ Stunning 4K Resolution

⦿ Cost-Effective Nostalgia

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"These BBL Shorts transformed my figure! my booty has never looked this great and they look so natural under my clothes" - Dana, UK

✔️ Get that hourglass figure in seconds
✔️ Feel confident and beautiful in any outfit
✔️ Low profile – hidden under clothes
✔️ Wear it comfortably all-day
✔️ Does not ride up or roll down


Larger Butt, Wider Hips & A Smaller Waistline In Seconds!

Define your shape and accentuate your natural curves with our new BBL Shorts.

With compression & padding technology that will lift the booty, shape it, and give you the curves you want.

The higher waistline support will flatten & cinch your fupa, defining your shape while the padding will add size to your booty and hips.

Completely hidden under your clothing with our ultra-low-profile design. Can easily be worn comfortably all day long, without worrying about them riding up or rolling down.

Define your already beautiful shape with our "BBL Shorts"

Say Goodbye to Hip Dips and Love Handles

We've spent years developing a product that will help with your trouble areas. Adds size and volume to your booty and hips, giving you the fuller, curvier look you've always wanted.

And the best part? Our BBL Shorts look completely natural and unnoticeable, so you can wear them with or without the padding and still feel confident and beautiful.

So why wait? Define your already beautiful shape with our BBL Shorts and experience the transformative power of our compression and padding technology today!

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Affordable Nostalgia at its Finest

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